-"I have moved a good amount but this was the first time using a moving company. What an awesome experience I had when MacDonald moved me in early January! The crew arrived on time, Sean, Eddie and Roger and they were amazing. They were professional, efficient, friendly and checked with me regularly to get everything just right. They took great care with everything they moved. I really felt like they valued their work and wanted to do the best job possible. Thank you for making my move seamless and providing am extremely positive experience!"

-Anne H.

-"The crew you sent to the Leahy, 32 Walter Drive, Raynham Home were fabulous!! All were gentlemen, polite, hard workers who did not stop until they drove out of our drivewayl We were extremely happy with their team work and care of furniture. You should be very proud of who you hired, a great representation of McDonald Movers Companyl So kudos to Rob,Ray,Tom and Kyle! We will be asking for this crew to move us to our new location in Raynham once our "ln Law" is ready for move in condition! Again, you have 4 wonderful young men working for you!"

-Michael and Sandy Leahy

-"I found the staff at MacDonald Movers in Bridgewater, MA to be exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely accommodating in ensuring that my personal property was handled with the utmost care. I have used their services twice now for shipping over United Van Lines for a distance of 3000 miles. ALL of my property arrived in excellent condition. I highly recommend their services.

-E J Hoeft

-"What a wonderful job Floyd's group did on September 15 & 16, 2015 at my house! Every single person on the team worked quickly but carefully and were courteous, calm, and professional every minute they were there. Two specific things stand out. When some furniture was moved they found my social security card the woman member of the team immediately ran out to give it to me. Floyd is one of the best people managers I have seen. He coordinated everything perfectly at all times. He gave any needed instructions to his crew in a patient, precise, and clear manner. It is obvious his team respects him. It was a pleasure to meet the entire team. I hope they are available when I move back into my home. I would love to have them back again."

-Sheila Kramer

-"It was a tremendously hot day & the customer was thrilled with the crew as you can see below. Thought you might want to share with the guys!"

-Sherri Swindle

-"Great company! Very friendly and informative... I had not used a long distance mover before and was very apprehensive about it, they took the time to explain things and make me feel at ease. The loading crew was fast and friendly! Got right to it and didnt waste any time. I would use them again if I were still in the area even for local moves! Also kept me informed about weather delays and shipment progress."

-Tami H.

-"Not a single complaint from this group! Everybody was incredibly professional, punctual, friendly and went well above and beyond our expectations. They made the whole moving process an exciting and easy adventure without a single complaint. We would definitely use this company again. Five stars to each and everyone of you that we had the pleasure of doing business with. I will definitely recommend...no, I have already recommended your company to others! Thanks Everybody!"

-Lisa S.

-"Long overdue review is in order for the terrific service I received from Macdonald Movers. What should have been a simple local move fell apart when our house sale hit a snag at the closing table. With our entire house packed up and on the truck, we were essentially told we'd be homeless for the night till our new home sale would be resolved. The staff at Macdonald movers made sure our belongings were the least of our worries. Once our house sale was finalized, they showed back up and unloaded and did a terrific job."

-Daniel P.

-"I just wanted to forward the great feedback we received concerning the crews for the Dighton and Palmer River Sites on Monday.Thank you so much for your hard work!I wanted to share the nice comments we received about the crew who delivered to the Massachusetts sites yesterday. Please share with the warehouse and let them know much we appreciate the great service they provided to our team there.Thanks! I first want to say Austin who was in charge was AMAZING what an easy process and have to attribute that to his control over it."

-Jennifer Peterson at Titan Global Distribution

-"I am writing to compliment the very hardworking and professional crew lead by Floyd who moved us out of our home of 25 years, then moved us into our new home two weeks later. From the moment he parked up front, Floyd first made sure I was introduced to all his crew, did a walk through as expected to size up the attack order, then got to work. Our home was a small two story with a short but challenging stairs that ran up the back wall. No matter the logistics, every piece of furniture made it down without so much as a dent in any paint. Well... almost. One headrest and footrest were maneuvered out a window and at all times under Floyds watch until safely on the ground. Whenever a potential problem or question came up, someone would find me immediately to discuss before getting in a possible situation no-one would want - a strategy I greatly appreciate. When in doubt, padding was applied. When in further doubt, padding and boxes using spares I had lying around. Most impressive was the actual loading of the trailer. I don't think I could have fit a screwdriver in there it was packed so efficiently right up to the top rivets. If this was Tetris, Floyd wins.

At times I felt overwhelmed by the speed at which they worked, but never unnerved because of the care everyone took with our goods going on the truck. The highest praise I have is we knew our move-in date coincided with a time I was away. My wife would do the entire house move-in on her own. It took only a short discussion with Floyd before he drove off to leave me with no doubts he would handle the move accordingly. I knew from the past four hours this was true, and he delivered. On my return his crew had done a fantastic job moving us into new construction without so much as a single scratch, everything where it should have been, and my wife reporting how terrific everyone had been. I want to make sure Floyd and everyone who worked for him on those two moves are recognized for their hard work and care for both moves on two very hot days. What's the saying? "It's a simple move. What could go wrong?” With your professionals, very little."

-Dick Austin

-"I was told several days before the move, who the crew was and when they would be there. They were on time, in fact they were a few minutes early. They were courteous, hard working, and careful with everything. They were done in less time than expected and under budget. I would definitely use them again, and I highly recommend them."

-Richard Viera

-"Thank you for sending me so promptly the quote for moving household items for my wife and me from Bridgewater to Newton. I can confirm that June 9th is the date we want for the move. The materials you sent accurately reflects what I discussed this afternoon with Mr. Adams. What I thought would be a stressful experience proved to be both productive and pleasant. I appreciate the assistance both you and Mr. Adams have provided for us."

-John Harrington

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Trade show and exhibit moving solutions, trade show and exhibit movers
Trade show and exhibit moving solutions, trade show and exhibit movers

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