International Moving & Storage in Boston, MA

An international move can be a complex undertaking, far more stressful than moving within the same country. Your move can get pretty hectic if you are moving out of Boston, MA, or its surrounding area, with traffic being one of the biggest headaches and storage close behind. This is where X can be the perfect solution to help make your international move a smooth operation, from start to finish. We are a leading international moving company that makes the seemingly impossible possible, with access to multiple modes of transportation networks, including ground transport, air, and ocean, located in countries all around the world. For assistance with planning and managing your international move, our Boston international move managers, aided by our dedicated relocation partners will simplify the process and get you to your destination without a hitch.

International Move Management in Boston, MA

As a leader in the international moving industry, MacDonald-United Van Lines has access to multiple means of transportation networks that include air, ocean and ground transport in more than 180 countries across the globe. Our Boston international move managers can help you plan and manage your next international move with the help of our Relocation partners.

Planning Services

To get your move started off right, we can perform an in-person consultation and our moving consultants survey your home or facility and perform an assessment of your specific needs. This allows us to provide you with an accurate international moving estimate so you have an idea of the cost associated with your move. Services that may be offered to ease transition includes, management of immigration forms, property protection, and other services.

International Transit

Management of the export and import process will be in our capable hands, and so will the coordination between ports and carriers. It’s our duty to ensure your belongings are safe and secure on their journey and arrive in one piece upon delivery to your destination.

Tracking & Delivery For Boston International Move

You can rest easy knowing that you can keep an eye on your belongings from the get-go, via a secure, web-based shipment tracking service. This allows you access to status updates regarding your shipment, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are being shipped and delivered as you intended. For convenient delivery at a time of your choosing, your move manager will coordinate your shipment.

Settle-In Services

Rest assured that your Boston international move manager will coordinate local services, utilities, and documentation to assist you in settling in smoothly in your new environment. Our goal is to make you feel at home upon arrival at your new international destination.

Visa & Immigration Services

Let MacDonald - United coordinate your visa and immigration process so you can ensure a smooth transition to your new country. Our Boston international moving experts will advise you on the most efficient solutions for your case. With our help, we can prepare your immigration timeline and manage initial work authorizations, visa applications, residence authorizations and registration documents.

Business Immigration Processing

Special care and management are needed for business immigration processing, and we take pride in advising your company, if need be, on any particular employment-related immigration issues. Our Boston international moving staff works with both U.S. and foreign corporations to effectively plan and manage your relocation, helping to make your business objectives achievable once at your destination.

Visa & Passport Services For Individuals

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you and facilitate visa and passport applications for family members and other individuals immigrating to international destinations. Our Boston international relocation specialists will work closely with top local immigration experts to guarantee expeditious and accurate preparation of applications and filing with the proper authorities. Follow-ups are offered if needed.

If you are in or around Boston, MA and are looking for assistance with your international move, contact MacDonald Movers/United Van Lines today! Fill our our form to the right or contact us directly at 508-269-5594.

International Storage Services in Boston, MA

When it comes to moving internationally, it is a very big step in your life. It is not like you are moving from one home to another, you are moving overseas to an entirely different country. There will be a lot to learn and the settling in process can be stressful. We understand this which is why we take extra care when we are assiting you with your international move, but an area that most people forget is where to put their belongings once they have moved. Sometimes there are items you may not need as you are getting acclimated to your new home and this is where we come in to help. At MacDonald Moving Services we provide excellent international storage services for those moving internationally from Boston, MA.

We have years of experience in handling all types of storage from residential, to commercial, industrial, and especially international storage so we know the perfect solutions no matter what you need stored. If you are personally moving to a new country or moving because of your job, we will work with you to ensure that all of your items not only make it to your destination safely but are stored properly as well. From home goods, furnishings, and appliances, to office equipment, desks, conference tables, etc. we will make sure that your items are protected.

International Storage Unit Information

When it comes to storage, MacDonald Moving Services makes sure that everything you wish to be stored away is properly organized and protected depending on where you are moving internationally. We do research on your destination to ensure that we provide the perfect international storage solutions for your and your belongings. What makes our international storage services in Boston, MA different from the compeition is that we take extra attention to detail in making sure our customers have a peace of mind in knowing they can trust our storage solutions. The international storage solutions provided by MacDonald Moving Services are:

By having these types of solutions, you can safely secure anything from art and antiques to electrical equipment and appliances that may get effected by different climates and temperatures. If you are moving to a new country and are interested in our international storage services we offer in Boston and all across Massachusetts then contact us today for more information!
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