Boston International Moving FAQ's

Moving internationally is more complex than a move within the same country, especially if you are located in or around Boston, MA. With the city traffic on top of airport traffic, things can get pretty hectic, which is why you should contact MacDonald Movers to help you with your international move. The key to managing all the details is control - from start to finish. With MacDonald/United Van Lines international moving, you can rest assure all of your belongings will be delivered overseas on time and in one piece!

I need to find an apartment or house while working on an international assignment. Can you really help with finding a temporary home?

Yes, we absolutely can help you find temporary accommodations while on assignment. We have experts and staff ready to help guide you through the process!

I’d like to sublet or lease my home while employed on an international assignment. Do you have services in place that can help?

The Boston international movers at MacDonald/United Van Lines will help you manage your vacant properties while you're on assignment. We can assist with administering property checks manage leasing arrangements and perform general maintenance.

I’m relocating internationally but have never spoken the native language of my new home. Can United help me prepare for this transition?

What makes our Boston international moving services different from the rest is that we don't just worry about your belongings. We focus on the overall moving process. We want you to be as comfortable and confident as possible going into your new culture and community and know focusing on the moving can take away from that so leave it to us!

My entire family is coming with me while on international assignment. Do you offer any services for my children and partner/spouse?

If you are moving with your entire family, then our moving management team can assist you in locating top schools, child care options, school/activity enrollment, etc. For your spouse, we can offer career counseling to get a competitive edge while looking for a job in your new destination.

I’m concerned about keeping my belongings safe while they’re in transit. What types of protection do you offer for international relocations?

For in transit protection, we offer the following protection plans:

If you have more questions you would like answered for your international move out of Boston or surrounding cities, call us at 508-269-5594.

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